Waukesha Homeowners Trust Daiker Heating for Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Installation

Air conditioner maintenance and repair job for homeowners

Nothing beats walking into a cool home after spending the day in the scorching hot sun. That’s why it’s so disappointing when you walk in only to find your air conditioner isn’t working. When the time comes to replace your air conditioner or heat pump, talk to the HVAC pros at Daiker Heating & Air Conditioning. After more than 75 years in the business, there’s nothing we can’t do to keep you comfortable.

We’re the Go-To Air Conditioner Installation and Replacement Team in Waukesha

We understand how urgent air conditioner installation can be when your system stops working. But you have nothing to worry about when you work with our experienced techs. Every team member is trained to:

  • Measure your home to guarantee the correct size is selected

  • Recommend a few energy-efficient options that fit your home and budget

  • Double check all connections are tight, safe, and leak-free

  • Test your new system, making sure it runs efficiently and effectively


Have questions about your new air conditioner after we leave? Don’t sweat it—just give us a call at 262-547-4803. And don’t forget to schedule your annual air conditioner maintenance appointments to prevent breakdowns and future repairs.


Many Waukesha Homes Stay Cool Thanks to a Heat Pump

Yes, air conditioners are the more popular cooling system—but heat pumps are a close second for their impressive ability to both heat and cool your home. They’re also known for being highly energy-efficient because they move heat rather than generating it. They extract heat energy from outside air or the ground and move it inside to warm your rooms. To cool your home, the cycle reverses to efficiently remove heat from indoors. We also recommend and install ductless split systems for rooms that never feel quite cool enough.

For All Your Cooling Needs, Trust Daiker Heating in Waukesha

Whether you select an air conditioner or heat pump to keep you cool during Wisconsin summers, trust the team who’s always here for you: Daiker Heating. Call 262-547-4803 or fill out our form online to start discussing your new cooling installation today.


If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner or heat pump, call 262-547-4803 to schedule a free consultation with our HVAC experts.